end the chaos

end the chaos

Leaving the EU is the single most important event in the UK’s post-war history. In the current chaos, it looks very unlikely that anyone will be happy with the outcome.

In 2016, 17.4 million people chose to leave the European Union, 16.1 million chose to stay and 12.1 million eligible voters did not vote. Since then voters have been bombarded with disagreement, contradictions and lack of direction from our politicians and leaders.

What we have ended up with is division, anxiety and unhappiness. The options facing us are so poorly defined that clarity is desperately and urgently needed. There must be a better way.

Time is running out, but it is not too late. It is only right, morally and democratically, that the people of the UK are given a vote on a future we will have to face together.

We believe this is the only way to clear away the confusion, draw a line under Brexit and get back to dealing with the issues facing our country. The only way to end the chaos.

Let the people decide!

Ready for Action?

When the Prime Minister brings back his Brexit deal after the election, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.

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