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They are an organisation for and of immigrants. Instead of letting others represent them, they speak on their own behalf.

They take their name from the estimated number of EU citizens who moved from another member state and have established a life in the UK. Their objectives are to:

  • Defend the right of EU citizens to live, work, study, raise families, and vote in the UK as they do now - whatever the outcome of Brexit.

  • Protect EU citizens’ rights through advocacy in UK and EU institutions, influencing public opinion, and mobilising European and British citizens.

  • Ensure that EU citizens in the UK know their rights and are empowered to stand up for them.

Get Ready for Action

In the space of just one election cycle, authoritarian governments, wealthy elites and fringe hackers figured out how to game elections, bypass democratic processes and turn social networks into battlefields.
Let's fight back and hold them to account.
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