Operation Moonshot: We’re suing

Operation Moonshot: We’re suing

The Good Law Project Good Law Project have now issued judicial review proceedings challenging the ‘Operation Moonshot’, They are proud to bring this important challenge alongside EveryDoctor, Dale Vince and Ecotricity, and Aron Cohen of

For weeks now the Government has refused to provide answers to simple questions around the programme for rapid turnaround testing, but its own documents reveal that work is already underway and that the programme could cost £100billion or more.

Despite the potentially enormous commitment of public funds, Government will not disclose any information about what contracts they have already entered into. Our challenge is to the way in which they chose some rather odd counterparties – a familiar narrative to those of you who have been following the PPE scandal – and their failure to consult their own expert body, the National Screen Committee. We also have profound concerns that consent was never sought from Parliament for this absolutely mindblowing spend.

At its heart, this is a modest and unambitious call for the bare bones of simple governance. What makes the case remarkable is the staggering sums involved – and the vital public health interest in getting it right. If you are in a position to do so, you can donate to the crowdfunded legal challenge.

Claimant: The Good Law Project, EveryDoctor, Dale Vince, Aron Cohen

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