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The public inquiry into the Brexit fiasco is going to be jaw dropping. I know of st least 4 civil servants keeping meticulous private notes recording ministerial overrules in preparation. Of course, if they ask me, I’ll give evidence too 🍿

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Helicopters with their gross noise pollution seem to be allowed to hover for ages over central London any time of day or night. The one currently driving everyone mad is right over Great Ormonde Street children’s hospital - how is this acceptable?

ComRes poll: Remain 58% Leave 42%.
Polling done 16 April 2019.
This week.
Are our politicians taking note?

EU Referendum Voting Intention:

Remain 58% (+4)
Leave 42% (-4)

Via @ComRes, 16 Apr.
Change w/ 17 Mar.

Biggest remain lead in 3 years.

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Here are Banks and Wigmore at the @CommonsCMS lying over the number of contacts they had with the Russians and confirming THEY supplied what Putin wanted. A public inquiry could reveal what else they supplied and who was the true source of the Β£8m used by the Leave campaigns. 2/3

Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad, who regularly uses the n word, defends pedophilia, says the Nazis were "cool" and "successful" and is a member of UKIP, says that "racism reduced crime and poverty in the black community" and was therefore "unironically good"

Nazis are cool because they "looked good in their uniforms", "were successful" (WTF?!?), and "blue haired hipsters" say they're not cool

that's one helluva hot take from definitely not a Nazi "classical liberal" Ukipper Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad

BBC, Robbie Gibb, And Public Confidence: the denials aren't making it - WE NEED AN INDEPENDENT INQUIRY

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Tony Blair - If the UK wants to wield influence & protect its interests in a land of giants, we need to band together with our EU neighbours.. otherwise you're just going to get sat on by the giants.

#PeoplesVote #FinalSay

Tony Blair - Britain has literally given up on every other issue apart from #brexit for 3 years now... the distractive impact of #brexit is as bad as the destructive impact... Parliament will finally say the people should have the #FinalSay

#PeoplesVote #WednesdayWisdom

Alyn Smith(SNP MEP) - There are plenty dreamers in the UK who know the best #brexit is NO #brexit... this election is going to be a fight for Europe, it's going to be a fight for international solidarity..

#PeoplesVote #FinalSay @AlynSmith

#UKIP European Election candidates laughing about rape.

Carl Benjamin - My Jess Phillips rape tweet was a "form of satire"

#C4News #EUElections2019

#UKIP European Election candidates laughing about rape.

Carl Benjamin - My Jess Phillips rape tweet was a "form of satire"

#C4News #EUElections2019

Gina Miller - #Brexit is like death from a 1000 cuts.. The BoE have estimated the total cost of #brexit is around Β£40billion a year.. we need to start looking after our country... more & more people are saying enough is enough... #RevokeArticle50

#peoplesvote @thatginamiller

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Ready for Action?

When the Prime Minister brings back her Brexit deal in March, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.
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