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My response to a Facebook recruiter today:

Hi Rob,

I'd like to take a moment to respond and explain why I'm not currently interested in an engineering position with Facebook, nor likely to ever be. /1

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What happens now?

If the EU offers an extension to 31 January the PM *must* accept it (and if he doesn't the Inner House in the case brought by @DaleVince, @joannaccherry and me will).

Parliament elected from 46 million has voted to take back control from a PM elected from 160,000. What might have been, had the PM published the WAB months ago, eh?

"For those who recognise that imperfect thought it undoubtedly is, the EU remains the greatest international venture for peace, prosperity and freedom in history."

"For those like me who are proud to stand up for the precious right to be able to work and study and live and love in 27 other countries, who celebrate the contribution made by the 3 million EU citizens in our country."

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#Politics students @6thFormSHS met @Femi_Sorry today for a fantastic talk about #Brexit #BrexitDebate #BrexitDeal
@SHSPolitics @OFOCBrexit #ALevelPolitics #EverythingIsPossible

@AbeKhayer @jeremycorbyn Conservatism = cautious economic prudence
The Tory MPs who blocked no-deal Brexit were upholding the titular values of "Conservative and Unionist Party".

Labour is for workers.
Helping Boris Johnson slash workers right on his way to an impoverishing No-Deal breaks Labour values.

Good luck @jeremycorbyn,
I heard you chose not to tell those MPs they'd be out of the party if they supported the deal. I hope you know the thin ice you walk on.
71% of your voters voted Remain. If Brexit happens, many of US will decide the Left needs a new leader.

Will Hutton@williamnhutton

Lets be ultra realistic. 19 Labour MPs backed Johnson and will again, vetoing a referendum. Britain is leaving the EU - all that is left is detail- and an interminable damaging Brexiternity stretches ahead and a 2nd rate trade deal.I hope I am wrong; but this a sad tragic night.

@Femi_Sorry @Jacob_Rees_Mogg But above all else we need #Brexit to ???? "Benefit Investment Managers like ????" Ah, yes that would be (trumpet fanfare sounds) #JacobReesMogg - Investment Manager.

Following PM @BorisJohnson’s decision to pause the process of ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement, and in order to avoid a no-deal #Brexit, I will recommend the EU27 accept the UK request for an extension. For this I will propose a written procedure.

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Ready for Action?

When the Prime Minister brings back her Brexit deal in March, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.
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