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Woke up to the heartbreaking news that Areema has passed away on intensive care due to coronavirus.. she was devoted to her nursing job & always full of life..she’s left 3 young children behind..I’m lost for words..I beg you all to stay at home and keep everyone safe.. 🙏

@NadineDorries Untrue.
IF, we wanted to, we could have tested extensively. We have good form on this. During the H1N1 pandemic we tested extensively and successively.

We also had call centers for contact tracing & collection centers for Tamiflu.

To say UK cannot test extensively is not true.

Right. I’ve studied the charts & it appears +2.5 weeks time lag between ‘news of issue’ & Mail & Telegraph headlines. Govt response +1 day behind that. This model predicts missing ventilators will be on front page at exact time needed to keep people alive. And they won’t be there

NHS COVID-19 ALERT: There has been huge and unprecedented effort to redesign the NHS to meet the COVID-19 crisis. But the strains are unbearable: eg, ITU staff shortages, with nurses taking 2-3 patients, not one. There are serious concerns about safety and no NMC guidance.

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Spoke to my beautiful friend last night - a lung doctor in the nhs. She said, while its a lovely gesture, instead of just clapping please could you just never ever vote conservative again.

17000 beds cut
40000 nurses short
10000 doctors short
10 years of underfunding
Junior doctors demonised
A&Es in crisis
Lack of PPE protection for staff
Lack of testing for staff
Only 30 new ventilators acquired


Clapped for the NHS so that’s fine

There’s something so symbolic about this man who lied his way to the top being condemned to applaud alone, like a confused, abandoned seal, during a crisis he’s completely unable to handle.

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@badlefty I know, right!
How could ANYONE suggest that the state of our NHS before the crisis could have ANYTHING to do with whether the government was focused on the NHS in the years leading up to this crisis, or whether it was distracted by other things.
I must be INSANE!

It's infuriating to hear the government say they don't have the resources to perform vital testing or give people financial support on time.

Imagine how much more prepared our NHS COULD have been if it wasn't for the 'distraction' caused by the same people making excuses now.

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