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NEW: The BBC’s director general Tony Hall says he will address subject of dark money think tanks on BBC. ‘Accountability starts with me,’ he tells #foundersforum & says he will call an editorial meeting & discuss labelling & other issues. Yes!!!

And so, the comeback tour begins. @David_Cameron emerges from his shed to face the terrifying public scrutiny of an entire luxury hotel’s worth of tech entrepreneurs bound by Chatham House rules...

Here’s what’s happening, then. Pretty much everyone has decided that Boris Johnson is going to win, and the numbers so far certainly support that conclusion. However, this is leading to some pretty shabby and/or intellectually lazy stuff. 1/

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When I feel at risk of being overcome at the sheer unfairness of how our fine nation has been betrayed by its political class I watch #LoveIsland

Hope that Theresa May is watching this with a takeaway Nandos and three bottles of Blossom Hill and shouting "fake news" at the telly

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My Prediction:
🔹Boris becomes PM
🔹Deal renegotiation fails
🔹Declares we're leaving with No-Deal
🔹Tories panic over Tory Party reputation for letting PM F*** business, well... F*** Business. Do they back a referendum or do they risk a Corbyn PM? That I don't know.

The difference between having a proper trade deal with the EU and being in the EU is much smaller than the difference between having a deal and not having any at all. Certainly in terms of the effect on people's lives.

So why have we left the larger decision to the politicians?

@johnfreeland1 Did you seriously just imply that Boris Johnson is showing leadership by refusing to engage in the debate about the country's future and simply hiding in wait, hoping the power just comes to him?

.@Femi_Sorry holds the only Conservative leadership debate WITH Boris Johnson. #C4debate #LetUsBeHeard

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Ready for Action?

When the Prime Minister brings back her Brexit deal in March, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.
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