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How the seismic noise on our little @raspishake seismometer running in West London (Twickenham) has been affected by the #covid19UK lockdown. This is a month of data for station R091F. The average noise levels are down reflecting fewer trains, buses and cars.

@DrRosena @WHO Having recovered a week ago, I’m going by the @WHO guidelines and will undergo another week of self isolation to make absolutely sure I don’t infect anyone else. The discrepancy with @CMO_England advice here is appalling.

Both the US and the UK made a tragic strategic error of thinking there was a trade off between rising #COVID19 fatalities and the economic cost of lockdown. Delay was the worst of both worlds: steep curve of infections, even worse economic consequences

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There are lots of things on hold right now. But one day - let's be sure to reckon with how immoral rags like the Telegraph and Mail used this global crisis as a vehicle for their nationalistic, Europhobic propaganda. They have neither decency nor shame. Just poison and hatred.

This is from tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday. “Could this be the ultimate revenge for Brexit?“ it begins. “This” being the suggestion that Barnier infected Johnson — i.e. it’s the EU’s fault — that #Covid_19 came to No. 10. That’s it: no more bottom to scrape. Utterly despicable.

Ever doubted whether post-truth populism was *really* such a fundamental danger to society?

Just listen to the horoscopic babbling of Trump - then ask yourself: how much more damage are these narcissists capable of inflicting without a care or remorse?

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Matt Hancock agrees the UK entered this pandemic unprepared. “We did not have the scale” for testing, he says. “We have had to build from a lower base.” This is a huge admission of strategic failure.

At 8pm tonight people across the UK will show their appreciation for those working to help us through this:
NHS staff
Emergency service workers
Supermarket and supply chain staff
Social care teams
Transport workers
EVERY key worker

Tory maths strikes again.

Remember the 40 new hospitals that were really 6, and not new, just refurbished?
The 50k nurses that were really 37k nurses?
Hancock's 12k ventilators that were really 8k?

Well now 30 is the new 30,000.


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When the Prime Minister brings back his Brexit deal after the election, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.
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