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Brexit is the greatest political heist of all time. A giant con led by group of right wing libertarians who exploited the concerns of millions of people to convince them that they were taking back control, when in fact, they are losing control to the people who conned them.

Also if you’re someone who wants a caretaker / unity government for the UK, your route there goes via Corbyn whether you like it or not.

Get Corbyn to table VONC on 3 Sept, thinking he can be PM. Give him 3 days to try, he fails, then Clarke/Harman/Grieve step in instead.

How did John Redwood get away with that Horlicks about a Brexit on #r4today No the British people never voted for a No Deal Brexit, no there will not be more money for the NHS, and what Brexit dividend? The economy is already tanking. I don’t pay my licence fee for propaganda.

There was an interesting imbalance built into the referendum process. Had Remain won in 2016, voters would be automatically entitled to another ref, next time a treaty made "significant changes" to the UK/EU relationship, by virtue of the EU Act 2011, Sch.1 "referendum lock".

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@J_amesp Me me me me me me me me me me me me. Blame blame blame blame blame blame blame, bollox bollox bollox them them them them them, RRRrrrraaaaagggghhhhhhhh, Kabooooom

There are currently 270 marginal seats split narrowly down a leave/remain divide which will be won or lost by only thousands in a swing.

There are over 340 seats where leave has the baton. The rest (40 or so) are remain but nuanced.

Targeting 150 seats will not win an election.

#TheFall #OneHundredDays buy Diet Coke (or similar); it provides some hydration, buying bottles gets you reusable water carriers, buying cans gets you mini ice packs to slow the heating up of your fridge if there’s a temporary power outage

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@LeedsEurope @BrexitometerC @BestForBritain @_Britain4Europe @GrassrootsEU @MaryCreaghMP @WakefieldGreens @WakefieldLibDem @IslingtonIn All set up ready for some conversations ... complete with our brand new banner!

Hilariously, our campaign has been so successful that "Leavers of Wakefield" have decided to join us 😂 Almost as if they know people have changed their minds!

@bbradleymp In the US there are:
1.2 million Salmonella cases a year
23,000 hospitalisations
450 deaths.
Contrast that with (2016 data):
EU as a whole (150 million more citizens than Americans)
1,766 hospitalisations
10 deaths.
The cause, USA has zero welfare standards for Chicken breeders.

The Remain Voice Choir is here at the Kettlewell Scarecrow festival. @Dales4Eu @NYorksEurope @Selby4Europe @LeedsEurope @LancasterForEU #YorkshireforEurope #Roses4Remain

This afternoon I asked @michaelgove MP why was @AmbJohnBolton in Leave HQ at the time of the 2016 referendum?
But when there is no good answer, you dodge the question...
He said Bolton is a nice place. 🤔 He heard exactly what I asked.
#WhitehallWatch #SteveBrayInterviews

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Ready for Action?

When the Prime Minister brings back her Brexit deal in March, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.
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