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Important how many of those behind Trump - Manafort, Stone, Murdoch - were also big backers of Nixon's dirty tricks. This #ImpeachmentTrial is a form of revenge for them, because they always thought Nixon was a victim of the 'liberal media' and should never have resigned.

“..meanwhile Europe is still going to be there. 22 miles away from Dover. And it is not going away.” @DominicGrieve1 at a full house Event #grassroots4europe in Westminster.

Grieve tells #grassroots4europe to be good cheer because they spoke up for the nation and predicts Brexiters “will encounter the problems, those events which will give us a right to say something different.... if it is 2 years, 5 years, this question will grow” and Britain rejoin

Grieve says PM’s advisors like Cummings“Seem to want to turn the UK into something entirely different our parents and grandparents delivered us”. He says this won’t work and the project will fail.

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Buckland's vague, garbled, evasive interview about Tory plans for "judicial reform" left us none the wiser.

But just to point out: if you really want to stop judges being dragged into politics, then start by not accusing them of bias every time they find you've acted unlawfully

Media coverage: Johnson claims no checks between NI & GB, Barnier claims there will be checks, oh it's all sooo complicated. It's not. Read the text, it's in black and white: there will be checks. Johnson is just an abject liar - the grotesque harbinger of our distrumpian future.

I've been asked to write an analysis of Johnson's "Great New Brexit Deal" for Common Market Law Review. Of course, primarily for lawyers and policymakers. But will try to make it more widely accessible; or find some other way to disseminate key points. Devil, idle hands etc...

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Rounding off @GrassrootsEurope conference at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster @snb19692 of @SODEMAction says:

‘Six words got us into this trouble, Take back control & Get Brexit done’

Well we have ‘lost control’ and we ‘have been done’

#GrassrootsEurope #Grassroots4Europe

Thank you ⁦@GrassrootsEU⁩ for letting me speak to a packed hall in Westminster and to share our new slogan: Secure Our Destiny. Europe Matters. #SODEM

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Ready for Action?

When the Prime Minister brings back his Brexit deal after the election, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.

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