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PM claiming she wanted to have deal sorted by Xmas. Er... she pulled the vote! This is delusional

At @CommonsHomeAffs evidence session @YvetteCooperMP lists the consequences of Home Office failing to process all EU citizens for Settled Status under current system:
These EU citizens would be here unlawfully, unable to work, rent or access the NHS.
All experts agree.

Ken Clarke on EU-Japan deal: “Is she insisting that we’ve got to leave it and have our own trade policy, and begin our own negotiations with a country which has a very much bigger economy than our own, and is likely to demand from UK concessions it was unable to demand from EU?”

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If a random account comes onto my timeline 1st thing do is look at their feed. When, as a moment ago, said randomer is full of Katie Hopkins and a plethora of auto tweets about 'I watched, I came, I voted for X....' in some porn awards I think it's reasonable not to engage.

Am on @BBCRadioScot shortly about the Cairncross review and future of public interest journalism

@PeterKGeoghegan No. Fraser has been told this before and is currently losing an argument with David Allen Green about it. As someone has already mentioned (and has been pointed out to Fraser before) if this is true, then the Spanish would like to have a word about Gibraltar.

@JimmySecUK @PeterKGeoghegan I can understand someone who doesn’t know much about the subject thinking “surely break clauses are normal”. It’s the dogged insistence that he’s right even when he’s been comprehensively proved wrong that is difficult to take.

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"It’s very difficult for MPs to get everything across in the limited number of characters."

@adamboultonSKY asks Conservative MP @DKShrewsbury about his incorrect tweet claiming that Britain didn't get any money from the US after the Second World War.

Thanks @mrjamesob for hearing the concerns of one of the UK’s jewels in its crown, the UK Videogames industry which exports over 85% of its goods and services by sector. Huge success story for our country & contributor to high quality jobs for the young

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When the Prime Minister brings back her Brexit deal in the autumn, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.
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