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Will say more about this later if I can, but if you look at where #Labour leaders and activists now actually **are**, rather than what they **say**, they're now in a deep defence across most of GB. As they should have been all along.

I always believed in electoral reform but could never get too het up about it. Terribly boring when voting nerds started debating their models - and I really like the constituency link. MP involvement is one of the few things that has a concrete effect in immigration cases.

Datapraxis boss Paul Hilder says: "We have never seen as many undecided voters this late in the campaign. As many as 80-90 constituencies are still up for grabs. A much larger Conservative landslide is still possible - but so is a hung Parliament."

Really striking that the Labour activists who poured scorn at BBC’s Panorama investigation into Labour antisemitism and accused them of exaggerating evidence have literally nothing to say once the mountain of evidence they were sitting on to make that documentary came to light.

Let’s set up a debate/interview commission (as Sky has been calling for all year) and offer a programme of programmes across the networks with which leaders and parties can negotiate and accept or decline as a package. Strength in numbers.

As a vegetarian, can I just say that wrapping mashed up pig insides in slivers of the pig’s own back and then calling it ‘pigs in blankets’ is Hannibal Lecter levels of weird.

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‘Can I have a beard trim, please?’ *Barber proceeds to tear my mien like it’s a sheep being sheared, except misses lots more than any lamber would*

The polls are still giving a very mixed picture of #GE2019 (not unlike the wide range in May’s European Parliament elections). When all is said and done it might be time for a period of reflection on the methodological reasons for this.

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Johnson explains part of his points-based immigration system to @SophyRidgeSky. It will allow "first violins, nuclear physicists, prima ballerinas" and not forgetting "Kings and Queens" to come in and start up.

I know you think I'm joking, but I'm not. Here is the video.

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