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Where @Steven_Swinford interviews @GavinWilliamson who admits the exams algorithm creates individual injustices...It is both Orwellian and un-Tory: faceless Govt algorithm creates individual injustices in the name of central statistical conformity..mad/1

According to @nytimes the Emiratis are now saying that they only meant that they’d delayed annexation until after the November election, & the rest is up to Biden. So it’s the Deal of the Final Quarter of 2020.

CT Attorney General: “I am actively engaged in discussions with attorneys general across the nation to mount a vigorous legal defense of our postal service and the legitimacy of our election.”

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The more I think about it, the idea of curtailing prospects of young people on the basis of what other young people at their school achieved in the past, is the most obscene thing this government has done. Anti-aspiration, anti-social-mobility, get-back-in-your-box bullshit.

Women all across #Belarus are forming human chains of solidarity. In this video I took a moment ago in #Minsk, they are chanting "We are for peace!" This is also a powerful protest against police brutality. Such rallies are happening in Grodno,Lida,Baranavichy,Zhodzina

“I’m heartbroken.”

Ibrahim Ali was predicted an A* in Maths - a requirement to study economics at UCL - but his result was downgraded to an A.

UCL has told him if his appeal is successful, the place is his - provided it is successfully appealed by 18 September.


@JMPSimor It's the Cummings way.

Statistically likely to die because we're black, brown, old or fat; statistically likely to fail our exams because our parents are working class or statistically likely to lose our job because we work in a certain industry.

We're all just numbers now.

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You might see this on Facebook, but don't tell Mark - tell Zoe 👍

Help slow the spread of #COVID19 in the UK and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well
🙏Download the app #TellZoe

#OtD 3 Aug 1939 Walter Altmann and Gunther Mann, two Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, were deported from the UK back to Belgium where they had tried to cross the Channel in a 3-metre dinghy which capsized. Both were killed in the concentration camps.

In 2002 the A level awarding body largely serving private schools downgraded results. The regulator thought them too high

The private schools erupted & went to court. No.10 & ministers weren’t aware what happened: as soon as we were, grades were restored & the regulator sacked

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When the Prime Minister brings back his Brexit deal after the election, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.
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