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We went to a Trump rally to ask people what they see in their Facebook feeds.

You can watch the full video here: @CNN

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Reminder for media:

It's not Boris, it's Boris Johnson.

Not NHS Test & Trace, it's an outsourced Test & Trace.

Not 240,000 tests a day, it's around 80,000.

Not an Australian-style deal, it's a No Deal catastrofuck.

Not a government, it's an incompetent, corrupt Brexit cult.

People have to understand there isn’t enough money to help the self-employed or freelancers or pay a proper rate of sick pay so people on low wages can afford to self-isolate.

In unrelated news, our failed test and trace system has so far cost £12bn.

Good to see support for employees, but what about the self-employed, people in the arts etc?
Who in the arts is working 30% of their hours?
Plus no increase in Universal Credit.

This is going to be a nightmare for so many.

Time for a Universal Basic Income.

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Dear America,

After 100s of years of racist police brutality, you(r electoral college) elected a man who said most Mexican immigrants are rapists, wanted to ban Muslims from entering and told cops to injure suspects during arrests.


#VoteHimOut2020, love🇬🇧

@sheriffofknokem You don't follow me, so you're outside my "chamber" and as for changing your mind...
That's not my job anymore. Events will change the minds of those who aren't fanatics. I just need to shine a light on them.

It's just the idea that out of all of the 28 countries of the Euroepan Union... the one that decided it would be cope best with damaging trade, was the island in the middle of the Atlantic that gets 1/3 of its food from the mainland! 🤣🤣😂😂😁😅😅😭

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Get Ready for Action

In the space of just one election cycle, authoritarian governments, wealthy elites and fringe hackers figured out how to game elections, bypass democratic processes and turn social networks into battlefields.
Let's fight back and hold them to account.
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