#Brexit has become a mess. A vote delayed. Mrs May returning to Brussels. My two messages: we'll never let down Ireland; it’s out of the question to renegotiate the backstop & if you are looking for a closer future relationship to avoid the backstop, this will be no problem w/ us

If Brexit is cancelled, the sensible majority will pretend, with relief, that the entire embarrassing spectacle never happened.

And the minority can have their "treachery" narrative which, frankly, is all they ever really wanted anyway.

Everyone happy.

Top of the hour on BBC World News: "Theresa May pleads with European leaders..." Would this be the much vaunted control we're taking back?

I will meet @theresa_may this evening in Brussels. I remain convinced that the #Brexit deal we have is the best - and only - deal possible. There is no room for renegotiation, but further clarifications are possible.

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Hi, @SteveBakerHW , I hear you've written a stand alone trade facilitation treaty. Would love to have a copy, asap. Thanks.

So we awaken to a shambles in which Parliament doesn’t trust the Government and the People dont trust either! in abandoning the vote Mrs May seems to accept that this is not the best of moments to risk doing anything ‘meaningful’ at all.

Interesting comments by @MarcusFysh on @SkyNews just now, discussing the impact of a no deal to the UK economy, Fysh, claiming to have been an economist, claimed the transaction costs at the border would be 0.3% whilst the Treasury claim 11%...who's telling the truth?

May: "Does this House want to deliver Brexit" - Listen to Philip Hammond's telling answer.

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Andrew Bridgen talking shite about the £39billion on #VictoriaLIVE... Thankfully Joanna Cherry was there to put him straight.. this is just nonsense.. "paying the money is an international obligation"

#peoplesvote #FinalSay @joannaccherry

Jean-Claude Juncker - Everyone has to know the withdrawal agreement will NOT be reopened... this will not happen... Ireland will never be left alone.

#PeoplesVote #FinalSay #RevokeA50 @theresa_may

Jonathan Lis - The people weren't psychic in 2016... now we know what #brexit looks like, let's ask the people if this is what they had in mind.. if more people vote to remain than leave, then it's not breaking the will of the people to remain.

#peoplesvote @jonlis1

Dr. Phillip Lee - By definition a #PeoplesVote is democratic.. the #brexit that was promised in 2016 is not possible.. so therefore we need to ask the public if they want a #brexit on the terms that actually exist.

#peoplesvote #brexitvote #FinalSay @DrPhillipLeeMP

Ken Clarke - The government should consider revoking #Article50 to save us from the disastrous consequences of a #NoDealBrexit... & if anybody can put this shambles back together again... they can see if a future HoC is more receptive that this one.

#peoplesvote #BrexitVote

Ian Blackford SNP - Parliaments needs to take back control... we need to revoke #Article50 in order for a #PeoplesVote to take place... we can present the people with a vision of the UK staying in the EU on the exact same terms we currently enjoy. #leadership

#c4news #FinalSay

Caroline Lucas - The Prime Minister has changed her mind about the #brexvote & whether the backstop can be amended... why not check with the British people to see if they've changed their minds?

#politicslive #PeoplesVote

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Ready for Action?

When the Prime Minister brings back her Brexit deal in the autumn, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.
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