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Three Blokes in a Pub - Episode 20

Jason Hunter, Graham Hughes, Madeleina Kay, Jack Dart

In this edition of the "3Blokes In A Pub" Anti-Brexit podcast, Graham Hughes (@EveryCountry) and Jason J Hunter (@jasonjhunter) talk to carefully selected "young people" Jack Dart (@JackWDart) and "EU Supergirl" Madeleina Kay (@MadeleinaKay) about the youth vote, the good the EU does, and how it much it sucks to have the such a large proportion of the older generation vote to remove many of the rights and freedoms the youth of Britain were born with... and will now never get to experience as a result of the mendacious (and ADVISORY) #Brexit #Frauderendum.

Three Blokes in a Pub - Episode 19

Jason Hunter, Graham Hughes

It's just 4 and a half months now until we crash out of the biggest and most successful trading bloc in the world and attempt to "go it alone" because our politicians and newspapers have been systematically LYING to us for the past 30 years.

Steve Bannon's 'Movement' has stalled in Europe

The Guardian

Rightwing populists are on the rise across Europe. With European parliamentary elections approaching, they are being offered help from Donald Trump's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Over the last four months, the Guardian's Paul Lewis followed his operation in Brussels, Rome and Venice – challenging Bannon over his media hype and the legality of his intervention.

Professor Dougan has read all 585 pages of the draft

Professor Michael Dougan

EU law expert, Professor Michael Dougan has read all 585 pages of Theresa May's Brexit deal and offers his assessment of the proposal here

The Brex O'clock News with Tinkle - Episode 4

James Patrick

Tinkle the Brexit unicorn and the team are back. Tonight they open the gates of hell onto the ERG press conference and tell the inspirational story of reporter Sarah. Hold onto your knickers lads and keep propping the world up ladies, it's time for The Brex O'clock News...

The Brexit Deal doesn't work...

Femi Oluwole, OFOC

Theresa May tried to sell her Brexit deal to the CBI (represents UK businesses) today. What she said had so many holes I had to tear them open.

Why Brexit needs an FBI style Inquiry - Trailer

Peter Jukes, Carole Cadwalladr

From the team behind the No 1 Hit podcast, Untold: the Daniel Morgan Murder, comes another inside story of a crime - in this case the hacking, data misuse, illegal financing and potential interference in the EU referendum. Orwell Prize-winning journalist Carole Cadwalladr lays out the evidence with Peter Jukes and asks: why hasn't the UK got a proper investigation into wrongdoing

Brex O'clock news: May's heartwarming, viral video...

James Patrick

The deal destroys food supply, fucks up farming, and makes us Trump's bitches. It normalises Nazis and alienates our neighbours and closest allies. It truly delivers on the vote of the referendum. The Brex O'clock news team delivers May's heartwarming, viral video..

The Brex O'clock News with Tinkle - Episode 3

James Patrick

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it's The Brex O'clock News with Tinkle, the Brexit Unicorn...The only two minute news bulletin you will ever need.

James Patrick's The Brex O'clock News with Tinkle - Episode 3

Ready for Action?

When the Prime Minister brings back his Brexit deal after the election, we need to make it clear that the decision over whether it is good enough should be a matter for the people.  Please Contribute to the People's Vote crowdfunder.
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